With sunny skies and an average January temperature of 72 degrees, Phoenix was the perfect choice for the 2018 TLDC conference. As a Top 10 meeting destination, Phoenix is a conference-friendly city that lives up to its reputation. A major metropolitan city within the fastest-growing county in the U.S., Phoenix is exceptional with its selections of hotels, restaurants, and overall value. And with Galvanize conveniently located near the downtown center, we’re happily calling Phoenix home for our annual conference.

The Galvanize Technology Campus is within walking distance of major attractions such as Chase Field, Talking Stick Resort Arena, CityScape, and Roosevelt Row, as well as many shops, restaurants, and bars. Incorporating leisure around attending TLDC18 is not a problem in downtown Phoenix.

Visitors find it easy to get around Phoenix with ample transportation options. Uber and Lyft rides are plentiful, and city traffic is nearly nonexistent.

Surrounded by three mountain ranges, Phoenix rises out of the starkly beautiful Salt River Valley in Central Arizona. The state capital of Arizona, this impressive city stretches across 500 square miles of the spectacular Sonoran Desert. Since its incorporation in 1881, Phoenix has grown from a town of 3,152 inhabitants to the largest city in the Southwest with more than 1.6 million residents. Phoenix has evolved from its roots as an agricultural and farming community to a thriving economic center that encompasses state government, education, high-tech industries, telecommunications, and tourism.

Over the last decade, Phoenix has invested billions of dollars in the revitalization of its downtown core, Copper Square, a broad area covering ninety square blocks.  As a city that has been able to grow upward, not just outward, Phoenix’s skyline is filled with many low-rise buildings and several mid-rise towers.

With its bustling, fast-growing economy, the greater Phoenix metro area is the centerpiece of a $50 billion regional marketplace. Phoenix is home to Fortune 500 companies Freeport McMoRan and Petsmart and Fortune 1000 companies including Avnet and Apollo Group. Other companies headquartered in Phoenix are U-Haul International and Best Western hotels, while Motorola, Intel, Honeywell, and Boeing have major operations here.

It you’re looking to get the most out of your professional development budget, TLDC18 and Phoenix, AZ is the obvious choice. The combination of our quality event, and the value Phoenix offers is unparalleled in our industry.