Toddi Norum


Toddi is an instructional systems designer and writer with extensive project management and content marketing experience. A self-described geek, Toddi’s consultant success has hinged on keeping pace with multimedia technology and marketing in the education space.

She was the lead trainer for all live and virtual training deliveries for the iRobot/U.S. Army SUGV robotics program and spent time in support of MIT’s edX and the Babson College Executive Education Center.

She is a self-described entrepreneur and a board member with Peak Startup in Colorado Springs.

Toddi holds an undergrad from Colorado State University in Technical Communications and is working on a Master’s in Instructional Technology with the University of Colorado Denver.

Toddi is an active blogger and loves producing podcasts.

She is a rescue mom with five dogs. In 2015, she produced a documentary about a race car driver.

Sessions with Toddi Norum

January 30, 2018