Yesterday’s (Today’s) Gaming Platforms are Tomorrow’s (Today’s) Learning Development Tools

January 30, 2018    01:00  -  02:00

Are you confused yet?

Don’t sweat it. It’s really quite simple. Your next learning experience will likely be built on a gaming platform. If the latest Serious Games Challenge is any indication… and it usually is… the next elearning development company you hire will probably be a game development company. At the very least the dev team will have a few game developers on board. Andrew Hughes is the founder of the award winning learning company Designing Digitally. He and his team focus on high impact, effective learning experiences. And that means building learning solutions with gaming technologies. But it’s not all about shiny new technology. There are serious reasons why serious games are becoming more common. Spend an hour with Andrew and you’ll change your view of eLearning development for ever.