Personal Branding – Stand Out in a Crowded Market

January 30, 2018    04:00  -  05:00

Whether you’re searching for your next role, establishing yourself as an expert consultant, or pivoting to a new role, understanding your personal brand is vital.

Being able to articulate and demonstrate your personal brand means knowing your brand well enough to stay on point regardless of the medium: in-person encounters, on paper, or online. It also means understanding what experiences and expertise make you stand out from your competitors.

In this workshop, we’ll start to identify some of the “personal brand” qualities, characteristics and messages that embody who you are, and what makes you stand out. We’ll look at a few ways to develop a clear message across multiple channels to resonate with your target audience. And we may talk about some messages that you don’t want to send.

And, we’ll definitely talk about storytelling as a method to communicate your brand in a way that leaves the listener saying, “Tell me more.”