Panel: Local Learning Leaders: Arizona is Red Hot for Training Professionals

January 30, 2018    01:00  -  02:00

Host: Brent Schlenker


Adele Cook, CLO, Arizona Department of Economic Security
Kristi Conlon, Director of Learning, ASM International

Arizona is home to one of the largest educational institutions in the country. And oh, btw, it’s also been named the Most Innovative! Argue it if you must, but there are plenty of reasons to love the valley of the sun and ASU is just one of them. The startup community is young and vibrant with opportunities for anyone to succeed. For many, the benefits of the greater Phoenix area far outweigh the immense costs of living in Silicon Valley. The need for experienced learning professionals is outgrowing the available supply. In this session we’ll talk about these issues and many more. And at the very least you’ll learn more about your local Arizona L&D colleagues and even make a new friend or two!