Learning Strategies from Unlikely Sources

January 29, 2018    2:30  -  03:30

Instructional designers often end up trapped in their boxes of outdated theory. It’s time to open that box, look around, and gather ideas and inspiration from sources outside our industry.

Jim Henson started working as a puppeteer in 1954, long before many of us considered Corporate Instructional Design as a career. Yet, Jim Henson applied many of the core ideas from ID in his imaginative work.  Viewing our own theories and ideas used in different ways is a great way to help inspire us to new and fearless ideas.

We will cover Henson’s use of storyboarding, storytelling, iteration, templates and more and bring it back to practical uses in instructional design. We’ll get creative, discussing how construction of a Muppet can translate to construction of a course.

And there’s more! Where do YOU find inspiration outside of your immediate sphere of influence? Jim Henson is a great example. But there’s more. Let’s find them, share them, and learn together.