Connecting L&D and Sales: Making an Impact Where Business is Won!

January 30, 2018    4:00  -  5:00

Business Impact you say? Start where the rubber meets the road. Sales is the lifeblood in every organization. Before you object, consider that if your company is not bringing in money, you will not survive. (Twitter notwithstanding)

If learning does not apply to work – does it count? We will address this question in the context sales, and why Sales Enablement has emerged as a function within organizations, and what the future may bring.

The Sales Enablement role has gained significant traction over the years. An entire segment of new products have entered the space to support this function. Roles and titles are changing. We will discuss why this function exists, how it continues to evolve, and what’s next.

Will you be replaced by an enablement function? Or will you be part of enablement?