21st Century Management/Leadership Development Strategies

January 29, 2018    02:30  -  03:30

We are all  working in a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Changing and Ambiguous… It’s VUCA.  In a recent report published by Deloitte, Leadership Development was one of the most important strategies for HR.  Is it any wonder? How our leaders manage in the new VUCA world will determine the quality of employment experience your employees have, which will ultimately determine the success of your company.   In this interactive session you will create a leadership development strategy that fits your company culture, makes use of the resources you already have to better prepare your leaders with the tools they need to lead well in our VUCA world.  Whether you are working with individual leaders, leadership teams or supporting a whole company – you will walk away with new ways of thinking and new tools for developing the capability of your leaders.