We’re happy to announce that the TLDC18 schedule has been posted and is nearly complete! Check it out!

Day 1 is introduced with concepts fundamental to the work we do: Neuroscience and the Science of Learning. The morning will be covering the brain, memory, and other evidence-based research that will offer a solid structure to the rest of the conference.

That afternoon includes topics focused on Learning Strategies, Management Development Strategies, and Case studies that offer excellent solutions to daily challenges we are facing in the modern workplace.

The Day 2 schedule will soon be posted with a surprise keynote, we’re finalizing that now. We have C Level Executives lined up to discuss scale and future challenges, with talks that will inspire you to higher heights.

That afternoon will include a variety of topics that cover a wide-range of ideas and solutions we believe you’ll find interesting and worthwhile. From Gaming, to Storytelling, to Virtual Teams, some excellent sessions you’ll find valuable and timely.

We still have lots more to announce! We have some extra-curricular activities in development and more! Stay tuned…