Matthew Pierce’s path to L&D, self-proclaimed as weird, was during an undergraduate internship with the Federal Judicial Center – the training arm of the Federal Courts. At that time, Matt did not know anything about L&D but felt that he had found his people. After his internship, he came home wanting to know more about the field. Finishing his undergraduate degree, he went on to graduate school at Indiana University’s Instructional Systems Technology Program. He worked on a number of different projects, such as learning to create web pages, build in Flash, record audio and worked with a variety of theories. This range of education helped him to land his first L&D role as a contractor, during school, providing instructional design guidance to clients like McDonalds and Accenture. Even though his role was a bit minimal, he still loved the process.

Matt is currently a Learning and Video Ambassador for TechSmith Corporation, where he creates videos for learning and marketing. He currently leads TechSmith’s customer education initiative around video, you can find some of his videos here. He even produces a live streaming video show since 2010. When asked what makes him love continuing his work in L&D, he says:

“I’m sort of half in marketing and half in L&D. But I love the creation, I love that L&D isn’t just about selling or convincing you need something, but helping people to learn to be better. I realize that sometimes it seems like the content doesn’t seem like it’s making people better, but it is. I also really love the people. I also love the people who work in L&D. I’ve met so many amazing people, all who have been very open to mentoring, teaching, and sharing.”

Matt has been a regular guest on TLDCast and is excited to join us in person at TLDC18. He will be giving us a session on Video: Moving Beyond Theory & Getting Our Hands Dirty. For his session, he says that:

“It’s less a talk and much more we are going to get hands on and make videos. This will be a great opportunity to get hands on and learn more about the parts and pieces that go into making a video.”

If you’re wondering what you will gain from Matt’s session, Matt says you will:

“Gain the experience of making a video. There’s a lot you can do with a little time, and we’re going to work within the constraints to help everyone make a video they can use and share. If you’re a super video creator already, come share your tips, help out, and be a mentor.”

If you want to connect with Matt, you can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Or join us at TLDC18, it’s not too late!